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Love Island is far, far away from a quality audience!

Love Island continues to demonstrate the Gen Z and Millennial obsession with IG follower count over substance.

We have taken all of the contestants that we found via The Radio Times (how grown up are we?). You can find the list here so you see I’m not telling porkies. We then ran them through the xInfluence platform to garner some results. I wanted further confirmation that our thirst to deal with creators over a certain age, and limit our dealings with the Millennial and Gen Z age groups, was proven right using this group of, soon to be all over your screens, Millennial/Gen Z’s . Needless to say it was.

The first thing we have noticed is the sheer volume of followers added within 24 hours of being on the show. That’s right, TV still works in driving people to social media (something I’m sure our younger groups would find hard to believe). Can you imagine, something they don’t do very much still working as it always has? The audacity!

Secondly, and this is the most important one, if you are an advertiser looking to these guys to promote your brand when they get out, don’t do it. We have partnered with HypeAuditor and use their system to audit all of our prospective creators prior to them starting work within the xInfluence platform. We chose HypeAuditor due to their ability to detect and highlight fraudulent accounts and the ease of integration to our system. The Audience Quality Score (AQS) allows us to see very quickly if an influencer is suitable to work with, or not. The AQS score is a 1–100 metric, which combines audience quality (not its number), engagement rate and the creator’s authenticity into one easy to understand metric. For context, xInfluence will not work with creators with a score less than 70. None of the Love Island contestants have a score past 50 and many are just into double figures. These aren’t just bad scores they are terrible.

Love Island Contestant IG info (as of 13/01/2020):

If this information tells me one thing it’s that we are on the right path at xInfluence. With an older, more mature audience that is less interested in having the most followers and is more concentrated on quality content with interesting, knowledgeable comment based on real experiences, the advertiser will always win.

What is also apparent looking at the scores above, is that younger generations will stop at nothing in their quest to boost their follower count and potential stardom. No wonder the market place is awash with talk of fraud etc. This is an age thing. We were all the same in our late teens/early twenties when, let’s face it, being cool and popular was our modus operandi. It’s just human nature and the circle of life. By the time we reach our thirties our priorities change. It is very normal for this age group to seek approval from their peers and there is nothing wrong with that, we just think advertisers shouldn’t be funding it. Thats why xInfluence work with Gen X and truly add value to an advertisers marketing plan with real people, real audiences and the best content.

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